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How to better organise your wardrobe

Photo taken by The Green Furnishing

Frustrated from your clustered wardrobe? Here are 7 tips on how to organise and make your wardrobe look tidy.

1. Declutter your clothes every year

Empty out your closet every year. One tends to keep buying clothes without decluttering. This can lead to a bursting and clustered wardrobe. You should empty out your closet and decide which ones to keep, donate or throw.

You should throw away damaged clothing. If a piece of clothing has large stains or irreparable tears, throw it away. Some small tears can be easily repaired by sewing over, but larger holes are harder to mend. If the clothing that is damaged is expensive and worth the repair cost, go to a tailor.

Once done with the previous step, sort through the rest of the clothing to find items to donate. You should keep in mind what another person would think about the piece of clothing while deciding on which piece to donate. Have you been wearing that item? If it is at the very back of your wardrobe, you probably haven't been wearing it. That is a sign that maybe that item should be donated.

2. Organise your clothing by type

Start by splitting your wardrobe in sections and deciding which type of clothing suits what section of your wardrobe. You may want to split the sections into

  • T-shirts

  • Formal shirts

  • Skirts

  • Pants

  • Dresses

  • Jackets

  • Special clothing such as formal wear, suits, costumes

  • Pajamas

Next, organize each section in your closet. In their categories, rearrange each item so that they look tidy. There are several ways you can organize the sections in your closet. Within each section, you can organize the clothing by color, rrange shirts by sleeve length, eparate dresses by length.

3. Hang any delicate and or fancy clothings

Hang clothes that wrinkle easily or require special care, such as clothes with hand sewn accessories on them. Hanging them also helps you easily see their design and you are more likely to wear them. Use a clip hanger attached to the thick part of the waist band to hold your work pants and trousers.

There are exceptions like heavy dresses which should be neatly folded and stored to avoid stretching out the shoulders. Maxi dresses usually have straps that are thin and easily stretched. These dresses should be folded. Long dresses made of cotton-spandex blends can also easily lose their shape if they’re hung up due to the nature of the material, they should be folded as well.

4. Add storage area under hanging clothes

Those empty spaces below the hanging clothes can be used to hold storage boxes. Roll clothings like pajamas, and workout clothes into storage boxes.

5. Use shelf dividers, hanging organisers

To further organise your wardrobe, you can consider purchasing organisers like containers, hooks, racks, and dividers. Choose clear containers as they let you see the contents inside. Use shelf dividers to organise your undergarments socks and belts, this helps keep them in place and you can easily grab one. Purchase small adhesive hooks and attach them to your closet wall or door. Use these hooks to store small items that can be hung, like belts or jewellery.

6. Label

Often clothing stored in boxes will be stored away and forgotten. To help with that, organise the clothes into categories and label the boxes so you know what each box contains.

7. Stack thick items like denim and sweaters

You should fold and stack heavy sweaters. If you hang heavy sweaters up in your closet, the weight of the sweater will stretch out the shoulders. Instead, neatly fold your sweaters and store them in your wardrobe.

Jeans are made of sturdy material that doesn’t easily wrinkle. Therefore, you should fold it and place it in an easily visible spot. If there is space in your wardrobe, use clip hangers to hang jeans by the waistband.

8. Store seasonal / hardly used clothings in dust-free garment bags

Any seasonal or sentimental items can be stored away until they’re needed since they are hardly in use. You can store these clothes in dust-free garment bags and hang in another closet or folded and stored in boxes under hanging clothings.

9. Use clothing rack, in front of a mirror store next day wanna wear / wear again clothes

Bring your wardrobe beside your bed by using a mini clothing rack to house clothing you want to wear the next day. You can prep the clothing the night before. So that you do not have to fumble around your wardrobe looking for what to wear. Clothing that is hardly worn and you want to wear it again later in the day can be hung on that mini rack as well.


Use these tips to declutter your wardrobe today! If not now, then when?

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