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Styling ideas for bedroom

When styling for a bedroom, it can be a bit of a headache as there is a lot to consider. It’s a venue to let your creativity and ideas flow. You should start off by picking out a theme first. After which consider where to purchase those furniture and decorative pieces.

Here are some styling ideas for your bedroom.

1. Modern lines

An easy way to give your room a cozy feel is to opt for a deep hue colour like grey and dark brown. Use contrasting colours like white bedsheets and an accent plant to bring some colour into the room. This style also gives off a minimalistic feel, spacious yet cozy.

2. Rustic Approach

A natural and neutral colour palette is the key to this rustic feel. Paired with a gold headboard, the designed subdued colour bedsheets and window curtain contrast, creating a plain and simple style.

3. Vibrants Feel

Adding a pop of colour to your room. Style the room with colours by changing up the bedsheets into orange, yellow or red to brighten up the space. An accent wall can also be painted which can add a splash of colour and draw your attention towards it.

4. Mid-Century Chic

Photo credits to Overstock

A mid-century-style velvet upholstered bedstead paired with modern room design, with an artistic artwork in the middle of the room. Merges both the 90s and 00s creates this feel.

5. Pretty Pastels

Photo credits to Small House Tips

Pastel is pleasing to the eyes, using linen bed sheets with different shades of pastel together with white and cream to contrast, gives off a princess-y vibe. Display a piece of abstract design wallpaper in a black or white frame to match with your pastel theme.

6. Tropical Paradise

Exotic natural prints with green hues and wooden textures creates the tropical vibes. This style features real plants in the room along with a tree art piece. Contrast green beddings with yellow accent pieces and gold to give the room a classy feel.

7. Simply Monochrome

Black and white are the classics of the classics. Monochrome is easy to pull off and offers style with minimal effort. This style is great for neutral lovers, as it mainly uses white, black and shades of grey. Have an accent piece by the side table, like a potted plant or candle lamp.

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