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The Green Mattress Warranty

General Coverage

  • This warranty only covers a free or at our manufacture’s option to replace free of charge (other than transportation and upholstery cost) for our mattress sold within the first year due to defects on workmanship only.

  • From the 2nd year to the final year, service will be chargeable according to the repair required, inclusive of transportation cost.

  • Please note that all mattress will show body impressions as the upholstery settles. This is not a structural defect.

  • For optimal performance, particularly with pocketed spring mattresses, it is imperative to utilize a flat and robust foundation. Substandard foundations may compromise the mattress's support system, potentially leading to damage to internal components. Handles, where provided, are intended solely for positioning the mattress and should not bear the full weight of the product.

  • In instances where a defect covered by the warranty is identified, and a refund is requested, it is essential to clarify that the maximum refund amount will be calculated on a pro-rated basis from the date of delivery till the end of warranty.

  • Furthermore, should a one-to-one exchange be requested after the first year from the date of delivery, the customer will be obligated to pay a prorated amount based on the period of usage relative to the entire warranty period.

  • For any services required, a transportation cost will be incurred to the customer (regardless of the effective warranty period).


This warranty is voided if:

  • The mattress is misused in any way (e.g folding, bending, standing or jumping on the mattress) which places excessive strain on the component parts and can damage the mattress and foundation.

  • The mattress is damaged due to inferior foundation (e.g. wooden strip type with wide gaps in between), soiled or burned. A Sleepyverse mattress is designed for full performance when used in conjunction with a matching The Green / Sleepyverse foundation. If the mattress is damaged through its use in conjunction with an alternative foundation, the warranty may be void.

This Guarantee does Not cover:

  • Mattress fabric (including stains, burns, pilling, or loose covers), Normal body indentations (less than 32 mm), Handles (where fitted), Border wires, which run along the perimeter of the mattress (innerspring) and foundation, bent due to moving or folding the sleep set, issues relating to comfort choice, ie the mattress is too firm or too soft. Comfort is a personal choice and while adjustments are possible these are not a manufacturing fault., issues relating to heat, bedding sold ‘As Is’ / 'Display Set' , damage due to abuse, Bed Height, Sheet fit, New bed smell/odour, Mattress damage due to an inappropriate foundation. Minor manufacturing anomalies that do not impact the performance of the bed (eg. mis-stitching on quilting). Damage due to incorrect storage. All Sleepverse mattresses should be stored flat or comfort layers may detach from the spring unit.​


  • Customers are reminded to retain the original invoice for verification purposes. In the event where the original invoice is soiled, damaged or lost, the warranty will be voided unless an alternative proof of purchase is produced. Customers are recommended to make a photocopy of the original invoice or retain a digital copy of the invoice for future references.

  • We will not hold any responsibility to any repair done outside of our factory.

Tips to taking care of your mattress

Proper care and maintenance of your mattress are essential to ensure its longevity and performance. Here are some guidelines to help you keep your mattress in optimal condition:

  1. Use a Mattress Protector: It is highly recommended to use a mattress protector to prevent soiling and staining. A mattress protector acts as a barrier against spills, stains, dust mites, and allergens, thereby extending the life of your mattress and maintaining a hygienic sleeping environment.

  2. Rotate Your Mattress: To promote even wear and minimize the development of body impressions, rotate your mattress regularly. This involves flipping it over from top to bottom and rotating it 180 degrees. Frequency of rotation may vary depending on the mattress type and usage, but a general recommendation is to rotate it every three to six months.

  3. Avoid Excessive Strain: Refrain from folding, bending, standing, or jumping on the mattress, as these activities can exert unnecessary and excessive strain on its component parts. Such actions may lead to premature wear and tear, compromising the mattress's structural integrity and comfort. Additionally, these behaviors pose a safety risk, particularly for young children, who may inadvertently injure themselves while engaging in rough play on the mattress.

  4. Maintain Proper Support: Ensure that your mattress is adequately supported by a sturdy and flat foundation or bed frame. A sagging or uneven foundation can negatively impact the mattress's performance and may void the warranty. Be mindful of weight distribution and avoid placing heavy objects or applying concentrated pressure on specific areas of the mattress.

  5. Keep It Clean: Regularly vacuuming your mattress can help remove dust, dirt, and debris that accumulate over time. In the case of spills or accidents, promptly blot the affected area with a clean, dry cloth to absorb excess moisture and prevent staining. Avoid using harsh cleaning agents or chemicals, as they may damage the fabric and materials of the mattress.

  6. Maintain Proper Ventilation: Allow your mattress to breathe by periodically removing bedding and allowing air circulation in the room. This helps prevent moisture buildup, mold, and mildew growth, which can compromise the mattress's hygiene and longevity.

  7. Check for Signs of Wear: Periodically inspect your mattress for signs of wear, such as sagging, lumps, or protruding springs. Address any issues promptly to prevent further damage and ensure continued comfort and support.

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