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Floral Design Dining Set with 4 Chairs

Floral Design Dining Set with 4 Chairs

American Ashwood Dining Set

  • Package includes 1 Dining Table and 4 Chairs
  • Made with Marble top with a solid wood base
  • Colour: As shown on photo


Specifications: Dining Table

  • Dimensions: 135cm x 80cm


Specifications: Dining Chair

  • Syntatic Leather Seat and Backrest
  • Table Care Instructions

    Table top has been sprayed with a layer of protectant to prevent stains and scratches. Though measures has been taken to prolong the lifetime of product, care has to be taken when handling product or dealing with stains.


    A damp smooth cloth for wiping would be sufficient to remove all stains if used immediately.

  • Additional Information

    All photos are for illustration only. Extra precautions has been taken to ensure that the item delivered is an exact replicate of the photo. However, due to studio lightings, enviromental lightings or natural materials like Marble, the colour and grains of the product may defer slightly when seen on an electronic device. However, please do take note that it should not defer between colours (ie ordering a grey chair and receiving a white chair instead)

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