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Quartz Dining Set
  • Quartz Dining Set

    Quartz Dining Set 

    - Made with 100% Wood structure

    - Quartz Table Top with protective layer (Available in Black or White)

    - Heat Resistent, Scratch Resistant and Fire Resistant

    - Dimensions: L130cm x 80cm

    - Set includes 4 chairs and 1 Dining Table


    Quartz is the specific name of an engineered stone product which is now one of the countertop industry’s leading products. Its strength & durability along with lighter color options gives consumers a much wider selection to choose from without the worries that come along with lighter colored natural stone options such as marble. 

    1.     PERFECTION: Quartz is not perfect, no material is.

    2.     RESISTANT, NOT PROOF: Quartz is stain, scratch and heat “resistant” but it can stain, etch, burn, discolor, scratch, chip, and/or crack, all from normal daily use if not handled/used properly. In some cases, quartz can bend/bow. 

    3.     VARIANCES: Imperfections and variances in Quartz are deemed tolerable by the manufacturers and in most cases cannot be avoided. In example: spots/dots throughout the material or only in one area; background coloration not matching from slabs within the same dye-lot or in some cases within the same slab from one end to another.

    4.     IMPERFECTIONS: Quartz can have imperfections inside the stone that can turn into a problem during the fabrication process or even after installation. In example: an air pocket inside the material can cause a crack during cutting and/or allow the material to crack after installation. 

    5.   HEAT: Do not place hot items from the oven or stove directly onto quartz.

    6.   COUNTERTOP APPLIANCES: Countertop appliances that omit heat such as air fryers, crock pots, toasters, should not be left directly on quartz during usage. A trivet should be used. If in doubt about a certain appliance, feel the bottom of the appliance during usage to see if it omits enough heat that is too hot to touch – if so, it cannot be left on the quartz surface during usage. 

    7.   OUTDOOR APPLICATIONS: Quartz is not recommended for outdoor applications unless specified otherwise by the manufacturer.

    8.   CUTTING & DRAGGING: Do not cut items directly on quartz – use a cutting board. Do not drag heavy or sharp objects across quartz as it could scratch the quartz or leave marks on the quartz. 

    9.   LIQUIDS: Do not leave liquids on quartz as surface stains may occur and, in some cases, cause a reaction to the stone resulting in a discoloration in the affected area. 

    10.   DAILY CARE: Each quartz manufacturer has its own recommended cleaning products. The Green recommends just using water & antibacterial dish soap (3-1 ratio mixed in a spray bottle). Other dish soaps will work fine.

    11.   SETTLING: Quartz can crack from settling of the house foundation, floor joists or cabinets. 

    12.   WEIGHT: Quartz can crack if too much weight is applied to the surface such as standing on the counters, etc.

    13.   EXPANSION & CONTRACTION: Quartz expands & contracts in size during temperature changes. It is common to see results of the expansion & contraction where the stone meets other items such as backsplashes, panels, appliances, etc. 

    14.   DAMAGE/WARRANTIES: Most quartz brands do come with a manufacturer’s warranty, but warranties are applied on a situational bases and may only cover the cost of materials and not the other costs associated with repairing/replacing the project. 

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