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4 essential Furniture for your Living space

Your living space is as important as your bedroom. That is the second space you will most probably spend the most time in. Hence, it is important to make sure the living room is as comfortable. Here's some essentials for your living space:

Living room

1. Sofa

Photo taken by The Green Furnishing

Your sofa is the biggest piece of furniture in your living room; it is the elephant in the room. It is therefore sometimes the most important piece to have and 'must buy' when moving into a new space.

The sofa is an anchor piece, most other items are usually designed and placed around the sofa. The colour and style of your sofa will set the vibe of the living room. As the most expensive piece in the space, choose one that you like and suits your design taste and style. The sofa will be the most used item in the living room and not surprisingly the most comfortable space to go to. Especially after a long day after work, isn't it nice to plop down onto the sofa and chill?

No matter how you look at it, your sofa is the most important piece of furniture in your living room.

2. Coffee table

A coffee table is a low table designed to be placed in a sitting area for the convenience of beverages, magazines, books, decorative objects like mini candle lamp, remote controls, and other small items within reach. It's the most important piece in your living room after the sofas. Every living room needs one because of its purposes, especially when your family sits down on the sofa to watch TV, there needs to be a space to set down the remote after tuning the channel. The coffee table is usually situated in the living room, between the sofa and the TV console.

3. Dining table

Photo taken by The Green Furnishing

A dining table is also an essential piece as in Singapore. There are gatherings that usually fall on weekends where we gather to have meals with our extended families and bond. With this being the norm, and considering the big number of people during these gatherings, dining tables have become more than just a space for us to have a meal.

It also has multifunctional purposes; its other purposes include

- using as a huge study table; for parents to watch over their children while they do house chores

- a common area of social entertainment such as playing board games, card games and conversations

- during Chinese New Year gatherings, where the tradition is to 'lao yu sheng' which is the action of tossing raw fish with other ingredients

- decorative piece when not in use

A classy and statement dining set is bound to spice up the living room space.

4. TV console

The TV console can ensure a better viewing angle when watching the TV from the sofa. It often comes with shelves and drawers to store items like, surround sound speakers, additional audio/video equipment, your DVD collection and etc. Every household would have a TV set and WiFi set-up in this modern and fast moving society. That would require a TV console to store these essentials and to hide the wires, to enhance the home décor while keeping it neat.


All these to make your space look classy, to your style while still feeling cosy and comfortable!

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