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5 essential furniture for your bedroom

If you just got your keys or moved into a new place, congrats on your new home! As a fellow Singaporean, I feel the excitement too, that comes together with BTO and finally getting the keys 3-5 years later. With that comes more big purchases, you will need furniture to fill your new empty space to call it home! What do you have to purchase? So many more big decisions to make. Here are some essential furniture to purchase for your bedroom!

Photo taken by The Green Furnishing

Bedroom Essentials

1. Mattress and Bedframe

The most important piece of furniture to purchase, the mattress. It can be difficult to find and purchase one that fits your expectations, in terms of comfort and design. So you should start looking for a good mattress that can last for many years.

Beds usually come in standard sizes. Choose a bed of an appropriate size - single, super single, queen or king, that fits your room. Is your house / room small? Consider getting a bed frame with storage space to save space. Don't forget you still have other things to fit into your room!

It is important that you keep an open mind when going for furniture shopping, and to test out the bed so you have no regrets! To learn more about the different types of mattresses: click here.

2. Side table

How troublesome is it to have to stand up from your bed to get to your spectacles or phone. A side table that can store these daily essentials just. stationed beside your bed. How convenient!

The side table can also be a design piece to house your fragrance scent diffuser or candle lamp that can double as a mood light.

3. Wardrobe

Photo taken by The Green Furnishing

A wardrobe to fit all your essentials.

Every household definitely needs a wardrobe in their room.

There are many different kinds of designs and materials for wardrobes. Choose one that fits your needs. Consider the use of it for the next 5 years and if you really need the extra feature from the wardrobe.

A simple compartmental or sophisticated design with mirror, built-in or standalone, MDF or plywood wardrobe? Regardless, the wardrobe basic usage is to help keep and pack your daily wearables neatly in a space.

4. Shelves and bookcases

These are considered statement pieces, they speak a lot about the person who owns them. Fancy a storage space just for bags, books or a display for your collectables? Shelves and bookcases can be used as storage space like for bags, decorations, displays and many other functions. With many styles and sizes in the market, be sure to find one that fits your needs.

5. Study tables

It helps you be more productive when you create a space where you are able to sit down and only do a certain task at that space. Study tables are an essential piece in the bedroom, especially now that we are working from home more often. A simple study table can do wonders! Consider if you need the drawer under the table or at the sides for storage purposes.


To a comfortable sleeping space, these 5 are essential items you should purchase!

Check back for essentials for your living space.

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