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5 Tips to keep your Marble Dining Table brand new

Photo taken by The Green Furnishing

Having a marble piece gives off a minimalistic design to the whole space. Every marble piece is unique, there's no other like it, so you will definitely feel special when buying a marble dining table. Marble dining tables have been increasing in popularity over the years, due to its sophisticated look and design, a timeless style yet appeasing to all generations. Marble is extremely durable and sturdy which can last you for many years. If you are intending to purchase a marble dining table, one should know how to properly care for it to maintain its beauty.

Some tips to keep your table looking as good as new

1. Sealing

As with many stone products, marble does require regular maintenance, including regular resealing. It is advisable to buy a commercial re-sealer and apply the layer once every six months to a year. When water stops beading on top of the surface of one's table, it is a signal to reapply the sealant. This will help prevent stains and keep your table looking new.

2. Clean stains as soon as possible

Leaving a stain on the marble table for an extended period of time may leave undesirable discoloration on one's marble dining table. It is (therefore) always recommended to clean off the stain as soon as one can. This is especially so for products of acidic nature as they may soak in.

3. Preventive care

Prevent placing hot pans and dishes onto one's dining table. One should use coasters and placemats as part of preventive care to protect the table. This can help prevent liquids from directly getting into contact with the table surface, hence preventing stains and helps maintaining the seal coat of the table.

One should wipe down the surface of the marble table regularly. This helps keep dust away and also wipe up any stain that may be naked to one's eyes.

4. Removing stains

Depending on your type of marble table, some may be more porous and tend to stain easier. Hence it is always important to try preventing stains. But if staining occurred, here's some tips on how to remove them.

Oil based stains - Use a soft cloth with washing detergent to gently wipe the stained area. This should remove the oil from the surface.

Coffee stains - Mix baking soda with water onto the affected stained area for 24 hours. The stain should come off easily.

Paint stains - Use thinner to remove small amounts of paint stains or carefully scrape off the paint with a blade.

One should reapply the sealant after attempting to remove stains as the agent used to clean the stain or the product that caused the stain may have caused a breakage in the sealant.

5. Clean with care

Do not use abrasive cloth that may scratch the surface of the marble table. Using a soft clean cloth and warm water to wipe down the surface is the best way to clean one's marble table.


Those are the 5 tips on how to maintain and care for your marble dining table. Now you know how to keep your marble dining table looking as good as new!

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