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5 ways to brighten up your room

Rooms may look gloomy and dark and it is always a challenge to brighten it up. Especially since some rooms allow limited sunlight in. This can affect your mood throughout the day. Here are some ways to brighten up your room and hopefully your day.

1. Mirrors

This is an old advice, mirrors when placed strategically can make a room look bigger and brighter. Placing a mirror by the window can amplify the effects of natural light sources. When placed near light sources like lamps can also have a similar effect.

2. Light sources

Add a little warmth and light to the room by using fairy light strings across the room or scented candles or display lights. This can add a bit of personal touch to the room while lighting the room up. A touch of warm yellow light can make the room feel more cozy and somewhat therapeutic. You may start finding yourself looking forward to cozying up in the room more often.

Use lighting to your advantage by shining them on walls and the ceiling. This can make the walls look brighter and hence your room.

3. Go lighter

In terms of colours with furniture and decorations. Choose stylish and compact furniture like cream, white colours to brighten up the room. This can let your room look more spacious and lighten the feels of the room.

Go for light flowy translucent curtains which allow natural light in, and overlay with blackout curtain for night use. During the day, use the flowy curtains to still keep privacy yet allow light to enter the room.

Do not be afraid to embrace the white walls. White is the best colour to brighten up a dark room. It can instantly brighten up the room and also create an illusion of a bigger room. Use decorative pieces as accent pieces to decorate the walls. Hang up a tasteful piece of artwork or paint it another colour to create an accent wall so the space doesn't look boring.

It is important not to overdo it with the wall art though. A wall with a collection of photos and artworks can affect the room’s brightness, as the whites do not show through as much. Go light with the number of artworks on the wall, pick a maximum 3 pieces to decorate the walls.

4. Go metallic

Add some sparkle to transform your room. Gold or silver decorative pieces are an easy way to create a luxurious bright space. The metallic pieces can reflect light in the room, making the room look instantly brighter. An addition to the room like hanging lights and a piece of artwork may just do just the trick.

5. Avoid shadow overcast

Tall and oversized furniture in a small dark room will cast shadows, leading to a darker room. Pick out furniture that is low to the ground. Go minimalistic as well. Cluttered rooms tend to look more dull and unpleasant to the eyes. More items also means more shadows. Declutter and keep surfaces clear. Leave ample spaces between furnitures, more space means more light opportunities to show through.


Brightening your room can not only brighten up your mood but also tap on your creative side. Use your creativity to have fun while lighting up your room.

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