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7 ways to make your room look bigger

New rooms and spaces are great but often small, here are some tips to make your room look bigger.

1. Clear the floor

Lots of small items lying around the room makes the room feel cluttered and make the room look smaller. You should also make a pathway by shifting things to one side of the room, this can help make the room look more spacious.

2. Furniture with storage

Choose furniture with storage spaces. Such as bedframes with storage drawers, sections to store items. The bed headboard can also be a decorative area that doubles as a display space. By giving furniture multiple purposes, you eliminate clutter and give the appearance of space. You can even get a piece of furniture customised to your needs.

3. Choose furniture with sliding doors instead

Furniture that uses traditional wedge doors require space at the front to make way for it. Choose sliding doors, that way you don't need to set out so much space for the door and can utilise the space more efficiently. Such instances include choosing sliding door for wardrobe or overhead cupboards.

4. Go light

It is not uncommon to hear that lighter colours make a room look bigger. It opens up a room, making it feel airy and light, calm and serene. Light colours like white essentially makes the room look bigger by creating an illusion that makes the ceiling seem higher, the walls seem further apart. Pair white with warmer toned furniture like wood or textured elements to create an even more cozy feeling.

5. Make full use of the corners

Build a custom shelf for the corners of your room. Such spaces are often under-utilised but they can be very useful. They can be used as storage like a designated area to store your bags or small vanity corner.

6. Mirrors

Mirror mirror on the wall, how to make my room look like my hall? By installing mirrors in your room! Mirrors can give off the illusion of a bigger room. They reflect light into the room and the view of the room. It makes the room look bigger by bringing more natural light into the room and also extending the view of the room, making there look like more space than there really is.

7. Go minimalistic

Declutter often. However often you try to shift the elements around, if you have just too many things in the room, it will look clustered no matter what you do. Small spaces are all about editing. The more pieces, possessions, and patterns you have in a room, the more cluttered it will feel. Go for an accent wall instead of many small objects.

8. Accent decorative pieces

Long items can emphasise on the verticals of the room. This can give off the feeling of flow and makes the room feel bigger. Some ways are to use long curtains that can accentuate the windows, choosing vertically striped wallpaper, and using tall lamps as lighting. The reverse is true as well. By choosing horizontally long elements also created the illusion of a big room.


The bottom line is you need to be strict with yourself. Keep the rest of the room simple if you are going for an accent wall. Consider these pointers before your purchase. Do you really need it? Is it a want? Will you use it often? Is there space in your room? This can help with impulse buying, and you are on your path towards being a minimalist.

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