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9 Tips before buying new mattress

Photo taken by The Green Furnishing

Mattresses are an essential item in a household. You will have to sleep on it everyday, the comfort and rest you get depends heavily on this item. Hence it is ever more important for you to pick out the right mattress for yourself. Here are 9 tips you should know before buying a new mattress.

1. Focus on comfort

The most important thing to consider is your own comfort level. Even if you buy the most expensive mattress, you won’t have the best sleeping experience of your life if you’re not comfortable on it. To find a mattress you’re comfortable with you need to consider several other factors, like the size, firmness and type of materials used in the mattress.

You will need to lay completely flat on the bed to fully experience the mattress. Don't be shy. The beds on display are for you to try out.

2. Take time

Don’t rush. Take your time and so you will make the right decision. The last thing you want to do is bring home a bad mattress and then go through all the hassles of returning it. Find the right size for your needs. If you feel restricted by a narrow bed, then you need a more spacious double bed. A queen size may be a bit large for an individual person, but it’s great if you like the extra space. King-sized or California king mattresses are made for partners and for master bedrooms and offer plenty of space for couples. It’s your bed! Make sure you choose wisely.

3. Find the one for you

Don’t look for one mattress that is the best for everyone. Look for your own best mattress. Remember to look for a mattress that’s best for you, not the mattresses that the experts hail as the best ever on the market. Read consumer mattress reviews when buying a specific brand. This gives you a more practical idea of the popular mattresses currently available and allows you to narrow down the huge field of choices. However, do not limit yourself to the popular models. Some Older models may offer a cheaper price with the same range of comfort from your personal perspective. Try them all!

4. Labels are not everything

Firmness labels are not accurate. When it comes to firmness, don’t believe the labels firm, medium firm, and extra firm. One brand’s extra firm may be equivalent to another brand’s medium firm option. You can’t trust these labels completely. Firmer is not better. You need just enough firmness to properly support your spine and other parts of your body. But excess firmness can cause uncomfortable pressure points and prevent your spine from maintaining its natural curve while you sleep. Softer is not the best as well. Too much softness will sag under the middle area of the spine, which can cause poor posture and lead to back pain.

5. Keep your options open

Consider all options. You can spend the time you have researching innerspring mattresses, air beds, waterbeds, memory foam, latex, and so on to find the best mattresses and the type which suits you best. Metal coils are common, but not necessarily the best. Innerspring beds are prone to sagging and allergens, are noisy and have a bouncy effect some people find uncomfortable. Memory foam is far from perfect. Despite all the hype, memory foam is not the ultimate choice. It tends to feel hot, expels an unpleasant chemical smell and is prone to body indentations. Natural latex foam is better. Keep an eye out for natural latex if you do decide to go with this classic foam choice. Waterbeds are not for everyone. Waterbeds can follow the body’s shape and feel cool, but some people also feel seasick and dizzy on them and they don’t always provide enough back support. Hybrid beds are becoming more popular. If you want to get the benefits of the different types of mattresses, get hybrids like latex and memory foam combination, or an innerspring with memory foam top layer. An adjustable air bed is a safe but expensive option. Since you can adjust the firmness and softness with a remote, you’re safer even without first testing the mattress. 6. Price

Decide on a budget and stick to it. The prices of mattresses vary greatly, so you need to set a price you are willing to pay and not go over that amount. Multi-zoned beds make good alternatives. With reference to the previous posts, if you find adjustable beds too expensive, you can go for mattresses with different support zones. Hunt for a mattress that is softer at the hips and shoulders, but firmer at the mid-spine area.

7. Branding

Brands have value. There are reasons why some brands are more well known than others. Look for trusted brands that have good quality products and good customer support. From a neutral stand, almost all international brands are fine. However, when buying mattress, you will need to take note that the mattress is not owned by the third party distributor so, holding the distributor responsible will not bring you anywhere.

8. Warranty

Look for a decent warranty. The warranty, of course, is the most important aspect of a mattress brand’s customer support system. The longer the warranty, the better. Majority of the major Mattress companies offer up to 10 years warranty. That would be more than enough. The Green Furnishing offers up to 12 years of warranty for our mattresses.

9. Sizes

European brands and Asian Brands would differ in size. Below would be the various types of measurements around the world Twin Size Mattress Measurements ------------------------------- The twin size bed is also called a single bed. The United Kingdom & EU twin bed sizes are the same. 39" × 75" (US) 36" × 75" (UK) 36" × 75" (EU) 36" × 79" (AU) Asian Single : 35.8" x 74.8" Full Size Mattress Measurements ------------------------------- The full size bed is also called a double bed. The United States, UK, EU & Australian full bed sizes are very similar with the EU version slightly smaller. 54" × 75" (US) 54" × 75" (UK) 55" × 79" (EU) 54" × 75" (AU) Asian Super Single : 42.1" x 74.8" Queen Size Mattress Measurements -------------------------------- 60" × 80" (US) 60" × 78" (UK) (King) 63" × 79" (EU) 60" × 80" (AU) Asian Queen : 59.8" x 74.8" King Size Mattress Measurements ------------------------------- The king size bed is also called an eastern king. It is not common to have a king size box spring. Instead two small twin extra long mattresses are used together to support the king size mattress. 76" × 80" (US) 72" × 78" (UK) (Super King) 71" × 79" (EU) 72" × 80" (AU) Asian King : 71.7" x 74.8" With that, even if you have bought a mattress imported from Europe but all your bedsheets at home are of Asian Size, none will fit. KNOW THE SIZE before purchasing the right kind of mattress.

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