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Create storage using furniture

Furniture that doubles as storage, how great is that idea? Those style of designs have started to gain popularity as storage is important to everyone.

Here are some great ideas that furniture has picked up over the years.

1. Storage bed frames

Photo taken by The Green Furnishing

As the name suggests, these bed frames usually come with drawers and headboard or under bed storage. If you are living in a small apartment, this style of bed is an ideal space saving solution.

These are great to store spare pillows, bedding and blankets.

2. Tiered coffee table

The surface of a coffee table can be used for multiple functions like a basket of small items, stack books and magazines, remote controls, decorative items and so on. A tiered model can provide even more storage space where both the top and bottom shelf can store items. The top shelf can house things like candle lamps or a vase of flowers, while the bottom shelf can store the books and magazines.

3. Storage bench

Multi function bench, a classic example of hidden storage furniture. There are different styles to these kinds of benches. One of the styles include a chair cushion on the top which provides seating space and drawers below the seat that can be pulled out. These storage spaces can be used to place toys, books and can be easily accessible. This design is usually used as a living room chair. Another type of design is a storage bench which features a top open via hinge. This kind can be used to store shoes, and to wear shoes before leaving home.

4. Built in shelves

Customised built in shelves can give off a more organized appearance and also fit to your needs. Consider what your needs are, for example, a book shelf section to store all the books and research materials.

5. Coffee table with drawers

Drawers below the coffee table can be packed with small items, concealing them from view. Such coffee tables can give off a neat and tidy feel, making the room look less cluttered and minimalistic feel.

6. Adjustable lift top coffee table

Photo by The Green Furnishing

This new style of table’s main feature is that it comes with adjustable height, you can get to decide how tall you want your table to be. These tables have hinges and can raise or lower the height with ease.

The design usually features a hidden compartment which can be used as additional storage, and drawers beneath. These spaces can accommodate your various kinds of accessories, such as notebooks, glasses or other things.

This style can be applied to offices or homes as it has a compact structure and space saving features. Its design allows for the coffee table to double as a work space, where one can simply adjust the height to their desirable level and place a laptop on it to start working. Often, they are also well designed and can surprisingly accent your office or home decor, perfect for your office, store, living room, or study room.

7. Storage Ottoman

A new trend is owning an ottoman. An "Ottoman" may also denote an upholstered seat without a back or arms, but one that usually serves as storage, with the seat hinged to form a lid. They come in a range of different materials like leather, rattan and cotton. These are perfect for big homes which want more seating space and storage space. They also usually match and come in the same height as the sofa.

8. Dining set with storage chairs

The chairs can double as a storage space as well. Often these are designed to have a removable cushion top with a hallowed structure. These can house light items like blankets, kitchen, shower, face towels, toilet rolls and so on. With its design as a hidden storage space, no one would suspect a simple chair can house these items yet look classy and have high usability.


Space saving tips using furniture! How sweet, there are so many inventions that uses furniture as hidden storage. You can even DIY a wooden shelf to fit more things in your house.

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