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How to care for wooden dining table

Photo taken by The Green Furnishing

Wood dining tables can be tougher to care for as they require more attention and care. Giving them proper care can allow them to last longer and hence save the cost of replacing it often. This makes more financial sense as furniture is often a big investment. Here's some tips on how to keep your wooden dining table looking their best.

1. Surroundings

In harsh environments like extreme room temperatures can damage your wooden dining table. Position your table away from windows where it will be exposed to direct sunlight as this can cause the wood to fade and crack. Heat sources can also cause the wood to dry up and split.

Humidity also affects the tables. Levels at about 40 to 45% is the optimal level for your wooden table. Low humidity like below 40%, can cause the wood to crack and high humidity like above 45%, can cause the wood to swell. If the table is placed in an air-conditioned place, run a humidifier to increase moisture content in the air. And run a dehumidifier if the surroundings have too much moisture in the air.

2. Keep it clean

Dust will pile up on the surface of tables after a while. To keep it clean, there are some important steps to follow. A preventive care would be to dust the table often to avoid dust piling up. You can use a feature duster to gently dust the table, following the direction of wood grain every few days.

Once in a while, you should wipe down the surface of the table. Wood can be easily scratched. Avoid using a dry cloth or hard cloth over the dusty surface as the particles may scratch the surface. Instead, use a soft, clean cloth dampened with water to

wipe away the dust particles. Rub lightly following the direction of the wood grain. Dry the wooden table after to avoid water damage. Polish your dining table with a hard carnauba wax annually to maintain a shiny appearance.

Clean spills immediately before the wood soaks in, making it harder to remove the stain. Use soap and water on a cloth to remove any oil stains and dry the wood after.

3. Prevention action

Additional protection for your wooden dining table is great to maintain the original look of it. Cover your table with a tablecloth when not in use to prevent overexposure of sunlight. As heat can burn the wood and leave marks on the table, avoid setting hot dishes directly on top of the surface. Use coasters and placemats to create a barrier between the food and the table top. These are also great for containing spills. One could also get a custom made-to-fit glass piece to cover the surface of the wooden dining table to protect it while still allowing you to enjoy its design.

4. Stains

Preventive care is always the best method to maintain wooden dining tables but there are times when it is unavoidable. They are bound to be stains from use.

Water marks are the easiest to remove, as they most likely only penetrated the wax surface. Use a dripping wet cloth in circular motion to remove the marks followed by a dry cloth to remove any excess moisture.

Important Note: You should always test cleaning styles on a hidden spot before using it on the surface to see if this style of cleaning would cause fading.


Now you have equipped yourself and know how to clean and maintain your wooden furniture like a pro!

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