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Styling ideas for living room

Styles of the living room and bedrooms can be different. You may even feel teleported to a new space when walking through your house if each space is unique. Ideas can be hard to think of and sometimes require some inspiration. Some does coincide with the previous posts. If you have been following.

Here are some styling ideas for the living room.

1. Modern flair

Modern contemporary living rooms usually have an open floor plan that are directly connected to the dining space and kitchen. This makes it more open, bright and look spacious. Often paired with a subdued coloured couch with a tasteful piece of artwork to spice up the room. This style is usually kept simple.

2. Rustic chic

Living room's rustic flair can be done using wooden furniture and decorative pieces along with a fabric sofa with a wooden rolled back hand rest structure. Paired with a dining table draped with cloth and tea set on it, and a hanging antique light lamp. This space is for collectors who love antique and vintage hues.

3. Pastel hues

Pastel can be very calming and pleasant to the eyes. Pair pastel colours with white and light colours, along with light wooden furnitures to create a stunning looking space. Even with a range of colours, it still looks well mixed together due to wooden and white colours gelling the different colours together.

4. Tropical vibes

Fill the spaces with greenery by strategically placing plants around the living room. You can even choose to use an oversized plant as the focal point. Match these greens with a wooden coffee table and a subdued coloured sofa.

5. Monochrome

This ultra space offers a sleepy look by only using a few colours. An all-black and white living room doesn't have to be boring. Achieve a collected look by pairing greenery, decorative displays on your coffee table, and/or textured colourful throw pillows on the sofa.

6. Bright and bold

Use accent furniture to achieve this bold look. Throw a designed rug below a bold sofa along with a simple table and white walls. It is important to mix bold colours with subdued colours so it does not look too overbearing. Bold colours when pulled together properly can give the room a bright vibe.

7. Gorgeous Gallery

Alternatively, create a major art piece by displaying small frames together on the wall. This makes the room look artistic and a space for creativity to flow.

8. Accent wall

Accent walls can be created by painting the wall another colour from the room, or by displaying a big art piece to create this look. It contrasts the rest of the room and brightens it up a notch.

9. Textured wall

Wall textures are commonly used to finish interior wall surfaces and hide seams along with other imperfections. At the same time these textures transform flat walls into a finish that reflects light and adds interest to any room.

10. Shelves

Lastly, shelves can be used as decorative spaces and storage space. You can display statement pieces on the shelves with odd shaped objects or place books. Choose shelves that go cohesively with the rest of your room. It should gel the room together.

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