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Ways to add colour to your home

Safe colours like grey, black, white, blue are very common colours to choose when deciding on colours to pick for interior design. To switch up the style, choose to be different and add colours to your home!

Here are some creative ways to makeover your house by adding a pop of colour.

1. Invest in a colourful sofa

Photo taken by The Green Furnishing

Consider choosing a sofa with a vibrant colour that is an accent piece. Such sofas can and will immediately brighten up the room. Instead of going for the popular colours which are neutral, you can choose one that is out of the norm. Design the rest of the room with the accent piece in mind making sure that there are no clashes in colour.

Accent colours include red, orange or yellow.

2. Add throw pillows

Throw pillows on sofas can add different colours to your space when strategically placed. There are many designs to choose from, from bright solids to patterned pieces. Mix and match the patterns and colours to brighten up your living space.

3. Indoor greenery

Mother nature is one of the most beautiful colours to add to your room. Choose one that is able to thrive indoors under low light conditions or choose a spot that its able to receive sufficient sunlight throughout the day. If you are not one to care for these, choose from a variation of artificial plants.

4. Floor rugs

Adding texture and colour can be easily done by placing a rug to the room. Experiment with layering and the colour contrasts. A rug that contrasts the rest of the room can add that pop of colour. For example, designed rug with a warm tone to contrast with the dull colours like grey furniture.

5. Mirrors

An empty single toned wall may look dull. Add a mirror with an artistic designed frame or bold colours will spice things up. The mirror will reflect the colours in the room and add more natural light to the room.

6. DIY Projects

Add colours by DIY, painting over an old bookshelf. There are different styles you can go for since this is DIY. Go creative and use bold colours to add dimensions to your room. Some ideas are like striped details, a different contrasting colour for exterior and interior, or just a bright solid colour.

7. Paint an Accent Wall

Another quick way to add colour to your home is to create an accent wall. You can paint an accent wall to any room to add a punch of any colour. It changes the focal point of a room. You can choose a large wall and pick a bold and contrasting colour from your furniture in the room. Or go for a subtle accent by painting the wall a slightly darker tone from the other walls of the room.


These tips can help you add colour to your room, allowing you to experiment with the different kinds of styles with these pop colours.

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