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8 ways to maintain your fabric sofa

Photo taken by The Green Furnishing

Fabric sofas are loved for their style and coziness, which is why they are seen in many modern homes today. They are able to provide comfort for the family especially after a long day.

Because of use, your fabric furniture will be subjected to spills, dirt and stains. You’ll have to know how to maintain and clean it.

1. Clean immediately

When your fabric sofa is stained by accidental spills, clean it up immediately. Delays can allow the stain to settle in and the fabric to absorb it more deeply hence making it more difficult to remove the stain. Use a blotting method to avoid spreading the spill and staining more areas of the fabric.

2. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations

The manufacturer will recommend some cleaning instructions on how to best clean the furniture. You should always check against their recommendations before using any products to prevent damage to your furniture, as it could void the warranties as well.

3. Read the tag

The letters on the tag will show what kind of cleaning agent you can or cannot use

Fabric Sofa Cleaning Code Chart

W Water

  • It is okay to use water or water based cleaners to clean this piece of furniture.

S Solvents

  • S means it must be cleaned using dry cleaning agents only. Typically this means the fabric does not respond well to water and should not use water to clean it, it could cause the fabric colour to fade.

S/W Solvents and water

  • It means a mixture of water and/or dry cleaning solution may be used.

X Not cleanable with liquid solutions

  • X means the furniture should be vacuumed and NOT use any liquid solutions to clean the furniture.

4. Always test first

When using a new method to clean your fabric sofa, always text in an inconspicuous area first to see if any colour fading or damage will happen.

5. Cleaning method

Apply the solution to a clean cloth and work in a circular motion on the stain. Dry the area as much as you can with another dry clean cloth. Use only the solution recommended in the tag and if unsure, consult with sofa cleaning services instead of cleaning it yourself.

6. Preventive care

Maintaining your sofa by vacuuming it at least once or twice a week to get rid of dust from everyday use. Use a clean damp cloth to wipe any light marks or dirt off the sofa every few days. You can also consider using a cover to protect and maintain its look.

7. Surroundings

Keep the sofa away from direct sunlight and heat as these could cause the colour to fade over time.

8. Maintenance

Consult and engage with professional sofa cleaning services at least every 6-12 months to refresh its looks.


There are many ways to keep your furniture clean and looking brand new. Check out our previous posts about how to maintain your marble dining table and leather sofa.

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